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We are proud of the dental work that we have done for our actual patients. These ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORDS are examples featuring a wide range of challenges we have been presented as well as our solutions to those problems.

Keep in mind that ALL of the photos displayed in this section represent ACTUAL WORK PERFORMED by Midland Dentist, Dr. Connally and his staff – these are not “Stock Images” displaying the work of other dentists.

In addition, there has been no digital manipulation to the “After” images in any way (beyond minor contrast, cropping and sizing to provide a balanced image for online viewing) – no “cloning” or localized color adjustments have been applied to make the photos “appear” better than the actual results that were achieved.

Note: All photos in this section are the sole property of Dr. Michael S. Connally, DDS and may not be copied or reproduced in any way without expressed written consent in advance.